Julie Reising

           Julie is a very experienced counselor, supervisor, and coach. She is a leader in “life-changing” professions and is a sought after expert. She has served on state boards, conducted multiple trainings to professionals and the community and co-lead a destination retreat in Boston, MA. Her understanding of the struggle in parenting is not merely based in theory but through years of working with people and, most importantly, in the trenches of parenting her own children into adulthood. She now gets the reward of a beautiful granddaughter.

Julie’s Mom Story

“I remember the day I realized something had to "give". I was in my 30's, I had two young children, and I had just told my therapist that I felt like a sand castle that was slowly disintegrating and being swept out to sea by the incoming waves. THAT's what being a mother felt like to me in that moment. A role I had anticipated, waiting for, planned for...and at which I felt I was utterly failing. And the fact was I wasn't really failing, I mean, the kids were fed and I did all the things moms were "supposed to do", but I FELT like I was failing. Even when others told me what a good mom I was, my thought was "If you only knew the truth". I was. And slowly, I began to realize that maybe there was a different way.”

Mom Coaching with Julie:

Embrace Your Amazing Mom-self

  • I help mothers drop the mask of perfectionism and the shame of self-judgement to embrace their most amazing mom-self.

Reasons moms seek Julie’s expertise

  • There are so many ways to parent, it's hard to know if you're doing it right.

  • Change the story of parenting from 'barely survive' to THRIVE.

  • This isn't your grandma's parenting. This is "discover your innermost amazing parent-self and embrace her with a big bear hug" parenting

Price: This is a 12-week Program with 7 phone conversations (weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 12)

  • Only $997 to grow into a confident and healthy mom who feels like being a mom is a victory.

  • Can be made in three payments of $399.

  • Cash, Debit Card, or Credit Card accepted.


Julie Reising

LMFT, “The Compassionate Parent” Coach