Every professional athlete, performer, and highly successful business person has a coach that specializes in that profession. Why? Because our very best is simply not possible without the objective and strategic observations and feedback from someone that is highly trained and experienced to bring out our very best. Anything short of seeking regular and informed support is simply settling for less. We believe you and your causes are far too important to settle. Did you know that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, two of the wealthiest men in the world, not only have professional coaches but they have a coach that specializes in the game of Bridge. The things in your life are surely much more important than Bridge. Check out our specialties in coaching and find your way to your very best role in your family, business, organization, and community.

Julie Reising - LMFT, “The Compassionate Parent” Coach

Julie Reising - LMFT, “The Compassionate Parent” Coach

Fees and Session Scheduling:

We have several coaching packages available with new programs being added regularly. Pricing is unique to each package.

  • Payment is due in advance and made be made by Credit Card or Debit Card.

  • Sessions not cancelled more than 24 hours in advance are billed as scheduled.

  • The frequency of sessions will be determined during the first session.

  • Session are usually conducted over the phone but in some cases, face-to-face sessions may be 

    arranged; if feasible and beneficial.

To start your life toward your goal, contact the office at (405) 455-5312 and ask for Compassionate Parent Coaching with Julie Reising.

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