Life is both exciting and challenging. It is filled with victories and defeats. Sometimes we are moving forward and sometimes we get stuck. That is life. Within the context of this challenging life, a great number of people want to create some type of change. We may be seeking a different career, better relationships, to finally complete the goal we have been thinking about for years, and many other possibilities. Maybe change has even been forced upon us and we then must find ways to adapt to changes like relocation, loss of a relationship, or a major financial shift. It is possible to face these challenges on our own. But, a growing number of people have now discovered just how efficient using a Life Coach can be. At many craft shows, someone will have a sign that says, “Sure you can make this on your own, but will you?”

When we stop to think of how much time it takes to work through all of the errors and develop all of the skills to actually complete the wall decoration that we like so much, it starts to make sense to spend a few dollars to take advantage of the crafters skills. Using a Life Coach is even more important, because while we might be able to live without a bird-shaped picture frame on our wall, unmet goals will impact every aspect of our lives.

Fees and Session Scheduling:

Single Session (1 hour) - $75.00

Three Sessions (1 hour each) - $70.00 each ($210)

Five Sessions (1 hour each) - $65.00 each ($325)

Ten Sessions (1 hour each) - $60.00 each ($600)

  • Payment is due in advance and made be made by Credit Card or Debit Card.

  • Sessions not cancelled more than 24 hours in advance are billed as scheduled.

  • The frequency of sessions will be determined during the first session.

  • Session are usually conducted over the phone but in some cases, face-to-face sessions may be 

  • arranged; if feasible and beneficial.

To start your life toward your goal, contact the office at (405) 455-5312 and ask for Life Coaching with Tiffany Owens.

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