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It All Begins With You

Your efforts to create a viable business, get a promotion, improve a relationship, or anything else you want to achieve begins with you. That statement seems extremely obvious but very few people truly understand what it really means.

Consider this; there is no external solution to an internal problem.

A great many people reach outside of themselves to find a contentment source. “If only my circumstance would change . . .” “When I reach vice-president of global advancement . . .” “Just you wait and see the new me after I get 2000 people in my downline organization.” “My next relationship is going to be . . .” “If only my kids weren’t so . . .”

Attempting to validate yourself, your internal value, with any external resource leaves you at the mercy of events that rightfully have their own agendas. Your kids are not supposed to be the solution for your feelings of loneliness or rejection from your parents; you are supposed to be their teacher - their resource for learning to care for themselves and others. Let them grow.

If you do not get the promotion, the job, the contract, the recruit, the sale, the relationship, or the award, it is because everything and everyone else has a legitimate agenda. Did you catch that? They have a legitimate agenda that may seem opposed to your short-term need for an external solution to an internal problem. However, their agenda, hear me out, is in complete agreement with your agenda when it is from a place of internal resource.

To illustrate: suppose a grass fire spread to your house and it was burned to the ground (if you live in a place this is highly unlikely, imagine). In this scenario, no life was lost; just property. This is an undesirable situation, to say the least. For those that have experienced this, you bring encouragement to those that may fear it. You have endured. The restoration of your “stuff” is not the point. The continuation of your life is not even the point. The fact that you continue to engage other life from within your new growth is the point. This is going to sound a little far out and may require some contemplation, but a grass fire’s agenda is new growth. The physiological purpose for fire is to accelerate the breakdown of the old so new growth may emerge with nutrients and opportunity from the old.

If your resource for validation is in your house, stuff, job, business, or even your perceived accomplishments, a metaphorical fire is a loss. If your agenda is internal growth and becoming a viable resource for your relationships, family, business, or company, then the “fire” (challenge) is in complete agreement with your agenda toward being a resource.

It all begins with you. Your relationships, business, community, organization, and family are better served by you as a resource that is full and capable. Most people have no clue how to realistically become a resource. They usually think it is about “doing more” and perceive they are already “doing more”. It is not about “doing more” and thereby becoming an empty resource. An empty resource is a pretty good target for a renewing fire.

I am talking about becoming a vibrant source of life from within. If you are currently thinking, “that is not really possible”, I will compassionately tell you that is an absolute lie. Just because masses of people are telling the same story does not make it true - sailors historically told stories of mermaids and sea monsters. Point made. Millions of people have learned to be a viable resource from within. I am one of those people. As a result of my own transformation, I am now teaching people how to be that resource within their business, family, company, and community of which they are capable. I can teach you too.

Let’s make it real! Join the new growth by registering for one of my Create! Don’t Wait training opportunities. Invite me into a personal coaching agreement. Invite me to teach your group, team, organization, or community. This is not just another positive thinking training; this is true, real, and viable. This training is based in neuroscience and works to reprogram and empower the Limbic System, the center of mood, emotions, and memory. Visit my website at to determine the best doorway toward new growth for your life. It all begins with you.

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At the time of my writing I have at least five projects around the house that I have intended to finish but have given no attention to in weeks for some and ever for others. I have good intentions. In fact, they are great and ambitious intentions that will improve the quality of life for my family and silence the internal nag inside my own head; “You really need to get those things done.” (Sometimes the nag is much more forceful and harsh. Not this morning. My internal mind nag is still asleep. Shhhh. Don’t wake him.)

Incomplete intentions add to your stress. Isolated intentions are virtual failures that never had the chance for success. They are actions without flesh, they are buildings without materials, they are a meal without any food. Intentions alone leave you unsatisfied and hungry for something real.

Within countless conversations with people, they tell me about their intentions. I listen with interest and hope but, while words are powerful for information and motivation (or discouragement), words cannot complete the task. The only thing that will get the medicine cabinet in my bathroom moved 2 inches lower to accomodate the new light fixture that replaced the 1981 style that was there before is intentional action. My good intentions mean nothing without intentional action.

Most of us act as referees for the battle between intentions and intentional just trying to make sure it remains a fair fight and no one gets hit below the belt. Instead, we need to act more like a reconciliation coach and bring this couple back together to live in harmony. Through the power of a harmonious relationship between intentions and intentional, you can complete that project. More importantly, you can make those important life changes  (or as I like to call them, life empowerments). You can quit smoking, systematically reduce your anxiety, anger, fear, or hate. You can mend your relationships with your children, your parents, your spouse, or even more essential; yourself.

When people tell me about their intentions, they will usually start the sentence with “I need to . . .” If the house is on fire, you “need” to get out. But, if you just stand there and wait for the fire to magically go out or a big fireman to come drag you out, you are going to get burned. Follow “intentions” (need) with “intentional” (action).

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