Child and Adolescent Individual and Family Counseling

Counseling, or therapy, is often an important part of a youth’s treatment. Your experience might include traditional therapy sessions in the office, as well as play therapy, home-based or school-based services. Therapists have master’s degrees and receive specialized ongoing training. In many cases, the therapist provides support for the caregiver through family sessions and/or parenting consultations. We refer to parents/guardians as guides.


Adult Outpatient Services

This program seeks to provide person-centered, insight-oriented mental health services to individual adults. Goals include enhancing quality of life, reducing psychiatric symptoms, restoring functionality and supporting community integration.

BHRS Program

Our program matches trained therapeutic skills trainers (also called Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Specialists or BHRS) with youth and adults to enhance the work being done in counseling by the therapist and client(s). Our specialists are paid and participate in a regular training program. They will usually meet with the client outside our offices. The skills training done by our BHRS staff is highly effective in giving our clients opportunities to learn and practice healthy new skills in the areas of symptom management, social interaction, vocational/educational, daily living, financial, community/legal, health/medical, and housing (acquiring & maintaining). Our BHRS are trusted and essential members of the Treatment Team. The Treatment Team is a group that includes the family, as well as a variety of professionals assisting the client.

In-Home Services/Family Support Teams

These services help adults and youth and their parents by offering supportive, very useful in-home assistance. The Case Manager is a professional who is specially trained to help families overcome challenges, find new ideas, and enjoy a better family life. Case Managers work with all kinds of families, including foster parents, natural/biological families, and adoptive families. Their assistance is always customized to each family’s needs and they are supportive, non-judgmental resources to help an adult or child and family succeed.